Have you mastered the happiness balance in your work v’s life?
It’s not a trick question but something that has really sparked a question in my own mind. What I am going to share with you, you can apply to your business but also yourself personally too. (PS I was soaking in every beam from the sunshine below in this picture, loch side in Scotland 2 weeks ago!) 
Happiness… Lets look to get the balance better….

After an amazing session with my business coach followed by a really positive podcast on our VERY blustery walk I feel like I have really had my eyes opened.

We chatted about my love/ hate relationship with social media…. yep that big one… I talked about how I also feel plugged in and unable to switch off. The only time I am envious of someone “in a proper job” is that moment when they book off annual leave and put an out of office on and then nothing happens because they walk out of the office and switch off from work… HOWEVER…. I took back control on this this weekend and although it was SO much harder than I thought… nothing bad happened. 

I was challenged by my business coach and VA last week to take all the social media apps off my phone and put a holding message with my working hours on my emails and you know what … nothing bad happened.

If you are not a business owner, you might be reading this and thinking how sad Sarah… but honestly its a thing lots of us struggle with! I think the main problem is I LOVE MY BUSINESS but I also LOVE my own time too and I am carving back a little bit more for myself again guilt free and restoring the happiness levels.

I am going to be carving into my diary everyday things that increases that happiness feeling (which is absolutely photographing my wonderful clients) but also those things that give you simple pleasures- walks in nature, snuggles with the dogs, having the dishwasher emptied when its been on to give that thrill that you can put your dirty cup straight in and lots of connection and time without distraction with my loved ones (and not scrolling through socials for the sake of it!)

A podcast I have just listened to by Mel Robbins was also very powerful and had so many take homes too I will link it here  I really enjoyed it, I have been looking for a new podcast to listen to and I think I will be working my way through Mel’s. Anyway the biggest take home from my meeting with my business coach was around me outsourcing my social media was how much of a bad idea she thought it would be for me…. I have tried this unsuccessfully in the past and do you know why…. “You couldn’t outsource your socials I feel as you are your brand Sarah. You have nailed your branding with you at the heart of it. I think outsourcing your social media would be such a bad idea as you go above and beyond for your clients from your marketing right through to the delivery of their images”

Well I am slightly gutted that I am back to marketing admin later and I can’t get out of doing social media.. but this right here made me happy. This is something I have worked really hard at to get right, I want my clients to feel looked after right from the first connections, its really important to me. I want you to feel proud of your own brand when you work with me and I want this to reflect into your images. 
If you need any help with getting your brand right, this is what I  help you with so that you can share what you do, why you do it and how you help others too.Hope you take something from this- time for you, some quiet time or perhaps a new podcast recommendation too. Off to lunch and then time to create some helpful marketing that will hopefully help you too.

Have a good afternoon and I hope you manage to add some more happiness into your day.

Sarah xx

P.S We have decided to help me to find my balance again with socials is to use this for 15 minutes a day (only) on a morning and then that’s it…. will see how that goes.