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Too busy taking photographs I got lost!

Honestly, I am not joking! I decided recently to head off the “lockdown loop” we have been doing just about every day since last March and I got lost. So much so I had to head over to the google maps app to find where the blue dot was (me) to figure out how to get back home. Thankfully I wasn’t too far from home but I giggled my head off most of the way back home- clearly it was the shock and the relief of working out where I was but the passing drivers must have thought I had lost it!

So you may already know that over the last year I have been running short mobile phone photography courses. Photography for me personally helps me to calm the “monkey mind” and allows me to get lost (sometimes quite literally) in the moment and away from my worries. During the last year I have received so many messages and cards and gifts from those that have taken part and to quote quite a few “Your courses and ideas not only got me out the house and calmed my anxiety during lockdown but I have learnt a new hobby too.”

Now if I am honest, I would have my course set up on a fancy portal online which is something I might do in the future but as the saying goes if its not broken don’t fix it. My short 5 week course is delivered via a closed Facebook group where the weekly video by yours truly is delivered. I have written my course to deliver this in a fun way to help you to heard how to take better photographs with your phone, some new and creative ways to take photographs and I am there on hand to help you with any questions.

This short course is starting again in February and will run for 5 weeks. You don’t need to follow along live as the group even when it is archived you will be able to access the content but it really will help you right now.

Perfect for you or even for the whole family to get involved too and lets face it we all spend far too much time faffing and scrolling with our phones- its a nice productive thing to do with them instead. Lost of small business owners have also found my course really helpful to create content too and has allowed them to create their own images instead of using stock images too so a double bonus.

The course will begining Monday 1st February and is only £49 if you would like further information, you can assess all the details here or click reply and we can go from there.

Feel free to spread to word so I can share my hobby and love of photography with you too.



Dont forget gift vouchers are still available to purchase for any occasion even a treat for yourself to enjoy. I have set up payment plans to help you spread the cost and I have extended my voucher valid dates for any purchased in January 2021 until March 2021 from 12 months to 18 months.

I can also send directly to your loved ones too and even include a hand written card for you with your message if that would help too- just let me know if that would help you too Lastly and by no means least… I have a little more about my exciting new venture for you… are you ready?


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Well, over the last year through various brain storming with some amazing people I have had the privilege to know and work with- I now have the confidence to release my new 3 month program to you. Now, this isn’t just a photography course oh no, no, no – its a Sarah Johnson Mindful Photography Course and oh boy is it like no other. Not only will we move from the basics that my mobile phone photography course showed you but I have included extras from short videos on- photographing your pets, creating product photography or business content images, landscapes, self portraits and lots more.

AND- Wait for it…..

I have guests too! Three amazing people will be popping in too, I will tell you more about them next week.

Photography for me is all about Clicking yes… we click away on the shutter button snapping away but for me its connecting with myself too. “Click and Connect” is something I have added to my photography courses for the last two years because photography is so much more than taking pretty pictures, it really helps me to regain focus and I truly find so much enjoyment with it too.

My program is going to run initially for 3 months and then you will have the option to stay in the monthly group or finish it there- the choice is yours.

In my 3 month program I have carefully selected 3 guests that will be popping in with other ideas for mindfulness and your wellbeing as I can help you with the photography part but the experts will help you with the other bits too.

The program will be £60 for the 3 month program or 3 instalments of £25.

If you would like to reserve your spot you can contact me here with any questions you may have.

I hope you have a lovely week, don’t forget to tag me in your photographs if I have inspired you to get out with your camera and if you would like to join my free photography challenge group you can click here for more information.

Much Love,

Sarah x

Sarah Johnson Photography with camera and two golden retrievers