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Why yellow bandannas are so important to Milly

Today I had the privilege of meeting Milly, the rescue springer spaniel.

Laura- Beth, Milly’s new owner explained to me Milly’s story and hopefully, once you have read more below, you will understand why some dogs you meet might be wearing coloured bandannas around their neck and why it is so important to give them the space they need.

“We brought Milly into our lives in February 2018, I drove late that Sunday night to go and collect her and bring her to our home. Originally Milly was joining our household as an emergency foster as her previous owner has been worried about signs of aggression from Milly around other dogs. Milly’s previous owner was suffering deteriorating health due to cancer and it came to light that Milly had been showing a protective nature to her previous owner, but this was shown as aggression to their other pets within the household.”

Laura- Beth went on to explain that the rest of her family were very concerned about bringing Milly into their household as family would often visit and bring along their own dogs and this was going to be a huge worry if Milly was going to be aggressive.

With time and patience Milly soon made friends with Drake, Laura- Beth’s sisters dog, and they now get on really well and the family decided to permanently adopt her.

Laura- Beth and her family beamed as they explained how they think Milly is the most loving dog and will sit and be cuddled all day (I must admit I couldn’t stop cuddling her myself!)

Shes not your typical springer spaniel as she hates the beach, water, balls and rarely plays with toys.

Milly is petrified of other dogs but is NOT aggressive at all with them. This is why Milly wears a yellow bandanna, harness and lead on her walks to warn other dog walkers to give her space. Sadly some other dog owners do not understand this and sadly don’t give Milly the space she needs from their dogs.

Milly was 6 in September and its now nearly a year since she was adopted.

Laura- Beth told me that the rescue that re-homed Milly is fantastic and that her and her family can’t thank them enough for allowing her into their lives, Thank you Spaniel Assist Rescue and Re-homeing.

If you would like to find out more about Spaniel Assist Rescue and Re-Homing www.spanielassist.com  or Yellow Dog UK http://www.yellowdoguk.co.uk please contact them via their website links.

Content Written by Sarah-Louise Johnson. Family and Pet Photographer, County Durham


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