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Vision Boarding Workshop

Vision Boarding workshop- online

Vision Boarding Example

Vision Boarding Workshop.

A bit like any project you are doing or a holiday you are planning, you create a vision to what you want something to look like or what you are going to do.

We don’t often sit down, take the time for us and plan out what we want our life to look like.

Firstly, I don’t believe that sitting and having a Blue Peter session cutting out expensive things is a one way ticket to living a “dream life”. I do believe that putting your goals and your vision ideas somewhere you can see them everyday and take action every day however does help you to move closer to achieving these.

A vision board is a powerful tool that can help you shape your future through intention and action. The words, pictures and symbols you put on your board are a collage that should represent your best life.

I find these are a game changer for me on a personal basis but also for my business too. When I am having one of those days, or imposter syndrome is kicking in- having my vision board to hand reminds me to value me, my time and that I am living my dream. My vision board helps me to continue to take action every single day. 


  •   2-3 magazines (can be any kind)
  • Pictures of things you specifically want to have/do/ experience

    in your life.

  • Pictures of people/pets that are important to you and make you

    feel great.

  • An open mind and heart!


There are many ways that you can organize your board, but the important thing to remember is that your board should be created in a way that appeals to you. Below are some ideas of different types of boards you could design.


With this type of vision board, you pick a specific theme that you want to focus on. (e.g. health, social change, money, career).

This board is a fit for you if:

 You have one area of your life (relationships, career, health) that seems to be taking over your energy/ thoughts and that you want to focus on.


With this type of board, the whole board is a free-flowing dedication to the best you.

This board is a fit for you if:

  •   You know specifically what you want to manifest (new home, growing your business, places to travel).

  •   You see all your desires as flowing together.


  • This type of board is where you divide your board up into different sections that represent specific areas of your life that you want to focus on (e.g. Home/ Health /Finances / Spiritual/ Personal Development/ Relationships/ Family/ Business/Career/ Social).

    This board is a fit for you if:

  •   You have goals for multiple areas of your life, but prefer visualizing them as separate or distinct.

  •   You prefer things that are visually orderly and organized.

  •   Your desires for different areas are different (for example, if you’re trying to lose weight in your “health” section” but call in abundance in your “finances” section, you might want them to be on different parts of your board because of the differing energies).



This type of vision board is great if you know you need to make changes or you’ve come out of a difficult situation, but you’re not sure of exactly what you want, or you feel like you don’t have a clear idea of what you really want in life.

This board is a fit for you if:

  •   You are in a transitional time in life such as: just after becoming a parent, during or immediately after a divorce, in the middle of job loss or a career change.

  •   You are new not only to vision boards but asking yourself what it is YOU want.


I love the word ‘intention’ because it refers to a purpose or attitude towards what you desire. Often, setting specific goals can feel harsh or rigid. Intentions on the other hand, allow you to focus on living your values and living your interpretation of them. They are much broader and give you a chance to choose how you implement them in your own life. “Be Kinder”, “Focus on Health”, “Courage to Live Your Dreams”, provide a reminder of how to live out each day.

This board is a fit for you if:

 You want to focus on being the best you can be, what you wish to contribute to the world, and how you choose to touch the lives of others.

My next live event is on Saturday 4th February online at 10am. There is also a recorded version of this available too, if you would like to do this but can’t make the live event. Please contact me at workshops@sarahjohnsonphotography.co.uk and I will send you details on how to purchase this as it’s not on my website yet. 

Vision Board Workshop will include- visualisation meditation and a step by step guide to creating a vision board.

60 minute session £20 on zoom. 

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